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Luis Merino

General Manager

Luis Merino is an experienced General Manager, now one of the backbones of the restaurant. However it didn’t always start that way. Luis joined the team back in 2016 as a busser. Driven by the motivation for success like those around him Luis too strived to become the best he could be in the hospitality industry.

Through dedication and hard work Luis soon became a reliable member of the team for Robbie Felice becoming a server and the assistant manager of Viaggio Ristorante. When Felice opened Osteria Crescendo in 2019, it was Luis chosen to lead the Serving Staff in Felice’s new business venture, making sure the staff was up to par allowing Osteria Crescendo to shoot into “Top 30 Restaurants in New Jersey” despite being open for only 6 months. Later that same year, Luis became the General Manager for Viaggio Ristorante, becoming a cornerstone of the business.